Extending our eye care expertise
to reach your pets

We are a laboratory who specialise in developing eye health products and contact lens care and disinfection solutions. Our work has given rise to a number of patents and our products are sold in 55 countries. Research is a key part of our everyday work and we strive to make our products stand out for the care and conscientiousness we invest in the whole production process, from manufacturing to packaging.

We are delighted to have produced our Ocucan range, meaning we can also protect the eyes and ears of cats and dogs. Pets can now benefit from all our eye care expertise.

The Ocucan family features three products:

Ocucan Toby

Eye cleaner containing hyaluronic acid which can be applied to the animal's eyes whilst open. Suitable for removing rheum, sand, dust and other harmful substances from eyes.

Ocucan Rex

Ear cleaner to remove dirt from your pet's ears with no risk of irritation.

Ocucan Rufus

Eye drops containing hyaluronic acid to restore your pet's natural tear balance.

We are always researching new solutions to care for the true lords of the house and keep them healthy.