Ocucan Rex gently and efficiently tackles dirt

Ocucan Rex: Keeping dog’s and cat’s ears clean on a regular basis


Ocucan Rex is a pH neutral saline cleaning solution formulated specially for cleaning the ears of dogs and cats.

Containing Macrogol Hydroxystearate, a non ionic, skin compatible surfactant that helps to break down excess ear wax.

Ocucan Rex cleans, disinfects and neutralises odours in your pet’s ears thanks to its formula containing PHMB and EDTA with proven antimicrobial efficacy. The product lasts 90 days once open.

It is free from harmful substances like parabens, perfume, alcohol and essences that can cause irritation. The solution contains glycerine, which is known for its epidermal tolerability and moisturising power.

What it does

Gently and efficiently cleans dirt from ears.


  • Weekly use on cats and dogs.
  • Cleaning ears before performing an in depth inspection or applying other treatments such as antibiotics or anti-inflammatory drugs.
  • Washing away any foreign bodies.

Method of use

Cleaning the outer ear

Moisten a piece of gauze with Ocucan Rex and gently wipe all the creases and folds of each ear, always wiping outward.

Cleaning the outer ear canal

Gently insert the dropper in the ear canal and apply the required amount of solution. Then, rub the base of the ear to boost the emulsifying effect of Ocucan Rex. Your pet will remove the product by shaking its ears. Lastly, use a piece of gauze to dry the inner part of the auricle.

Recommended frequency

Thanks to the good tolerability of its components and to its preventive effects, we recommend using Ocucan Rex once a week to ensure your pet's ears are healthy.

When using Ocucan Rex to clean the animal's ears before applying antibiotics or anti-inflammatory drugs, we recommend consulting a vet as to the most suitable frequency of use.


pH neutral saline solution containing glycerine, sodium citrate, disodium edetate, macrogol hydroxystearate and polyhexamethylene biguanide.


100 ml bottle