Eye Moisturizer with two humectant agents

Ocucan Rufus: Eye drops for dogs and cats


Ocucan Rufus provides eye moisture and enhance tear quality for dogs and cats. Containing two moisturizing agents: hyaluronic acid and HEC.

Prevents eye irritation and infections associated with pets producing insufficient tears.

Ocucan Rufus restores the tear film of cats and dogs to its natural balance. The presence of hyaluronic acid in the formula helps retain water and keep the tear film adhered to the corneal epithelium. Its viscoelastic properties mean more viscosity when the eye is open and less when blinking, which makes for a long lasting effect. Hyaluronic acid stays in the eye longer than other moisturizing agents. Meanwhile, HEC works as an extra humectant to make the drops more viscous and comfortable.

Ocucan Rufus is formulated to mimic the natural tonicity and pH of your pet's tears. Bottled in aseptic conditions and formulated with ingredients that are fully compatible with your pet's tears.

What it does

Powerful hydration for dog and cat eyes.


For moisturizing dog and cat eyes to prevent dry eye:

  • Associated with allergies
  • Caused by insufficient tear production
  • Linked to eyelid injuries
  • When animals do not blink under anaesthetic (professional use)

Method of use

For preventing or easing dry eye

Place one or two drops in each eye twice a day or as often as recommended by your vet. Try to ensure the animal's eyes are open so the drops enter the conjunctival sac.

For moisturization during anaesthetic

Place several drops in each eye throughout the procedure whilst the animal's eyes are open.


A buffered isotonic saline solution containing hyaluronic acid, hydroxyethyl cellulose (HEC), disodium edetate and polyhexamethylene biguanide 0.0001%.


15 ml bottle